The International Psychology Association of Canada (IPAC) was established in 2008 and is a non-profit organization registered with the Canadian Federal Government. The association adheres to the purpose of paying attention to the development of people’s mental health in a multicultural environment and improving public mental health awareness. It provides services and information about psychological knowledge for the professionals and the public. Volunteer opportunities and psychological professional career development services are provided continuously.

加拿大国际心理协会(International Psychology Association of Canada,简称IPAC)成立于2008年,是在加拿大联邦政府注册的非盈利组织。协会秉承关注多元文化下人们心理健康发展、提升公众心理健康意识、促进公众心理健康水平提升的宗旨,为专业人士及公众提供心理健康培训、心理知识科普教育,为社区提供心理健康资讯和服务、志愿者社群发展和心理专业就业发展服务等。